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Covid-19 6ft Away Signs, 5 Pack Set

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The Art of Custom Framing is taking the lead on safely returning employees back to work during the covid-19 pandemic with 6ft away signs. As many industries are beginning to open back up, concerns regarding safety in the work place are the primary focus. We are here to help put those safety worries to rest with signage reminding all of safe personal spacing to instill confidence in the workplace for employers, employees and customers.
The signs have a vinyl film exterior and interior pressure-sensitive adhesive and air-release channels for easier, bubble-free application. They can be affixed to a floor to mark the six-feet distance and to walls at eye level for eye-catching reading.

The vivid signage reminds workers and visitors to keep six feet away from each other and of the limit of how many people can be in a certain space. The signs come in six colors – yellow, purple, blue, green, red, and black.

Material specs: 3M Graphic vinyl film exterior, interior pressure-sensitive adhesive and air release channels for easier, bubble-free application. 3.2 MIL thickness