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Gwen Joy

Joy is an artist who specializes in colorful folk art paintings. Her artistic style is outsider brut. It is primitive in style, raw emotionally, and mature in nature.  Everyday Joy needs to process new bits of information. In this sense her artwork is a mutation of herself as she’s adapting to her surroundings. Her artistic impulses are involved in a dialogue with the customs of the past and the stories of the present. Joy loves to tie new stories and old folk tales into her work. She also love to play on words either formal or slang. Joy loves painting animals, celebrities, made up fantasy creatures, and spirited women. Often, the made up creatures are half human and half animal. The spirited women are usually fashionable, full of emotion, and full of moxie.

Joy strives to produce an end product that has both strength and beauty. Joy believes the human mind is a lot like her artwork; filled with hard facts but also softened with abstract thoughts and emotions. The overlap between these two components is an interesting manifestation of mind and spirit.