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Ian Zapico

Ian Zapico was born on February 21st 1991 in Southfield, Michigan. Zapico’s parents were advertisers and artists who encouraged the arts from a young age. Growing up in a house full of fine art (his favorites being Alberto Vargas, René Gruau, & Erté), Ian learned to hone in on his imagination in order to create art works of his own. 

After tinkering with art in high school, Ian decided to attend College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan. During his stay at CCS, he bettered his drawing skills (thanks to Rick Vian). Albert Young and Josh Wojick guided Zapico with his glass techniques, while Herb Babcock and Maxwell Davis helped him conceptually to create successful work. 

Never being satisfied with glass alone, Zapico found himself drawing and painting on his glass sculptures, trying to expand on the concept of canvas and materials that could be used in a similar manner. Ian currently resides in his newly purchased home in the north end district of Detroit and is accepting commissions and custom works, as well as selling the works that he is currently debuting.