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Jan Brown

A life-long resident of Michigan, I began early to show a spark of art talent.  I continued throughout my school days furthering this and eventually received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Michigan State University with an emphasis in printmaking and later, a Master of Arts from Eastern Michigan University. 

Once I retired from teaching, I began taking classes and fell into painting as a medium and began to work abstractly.  Having been very representative in my work, abstraction freed me to explore color, texture, and composition on so many different levels.  Five years of working abstractly led me back to my figurative work and for three years now I’ve been working at blending the figure with the abstract.  I have found that when I take the greatest risk—facing failure, I am rewarded with far better work. For me art is an endeavor to reach a satisfaction from inside.  Looking at art in all medias, there is a common thread to good art—it challenges the artist and the viewer.