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Joseph Philips-Maitre

Joseph’s portraits utilize flowing rivers of color and tight lines that work together as the expressionistic vision of the human form that remains enigmatic. Lines of poetry and suggestive words weaved throughout the piece serve to interpret the personality of the subject and the essence of what is being portrayed with enough left unsaid to invite the viewer to shape his or her own personal interpretation. He strives in his work to stir in the minds of his viewers forgotten memories whether they be nostalgic or melancholy. The tools for his mastery are stains, oil pastels, crayons and pens; and, his technique involves layering, in his words, “Like the Pages of a Book.”

The word, “prolific” comes to mind in cataloging those venues graced by his works:

The Pony Ride – Detroit, Main Art Theatre, Russel Industrial Complex – Detroit, numerous group shows, exhibits in Miami, New York.

 Joseph’s works as a muralist are seen in New York City, Syracuse, the Bronx, Gotham, Manhattan; also, Miami, and South Beach, to name a few.