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Kevin Ewing

Ewing and his Plan B Gallery have been featured on the NPR radio program All Things Considered and The Craig Fahle Show. His work has been shown nationally in Culver City and San Francisco, California, as well as Chicago, Kentucky, Ohio and Michigan. His work has been reviewed in print and online publications including Sculpture magazine, The Ann Arbor News, and The Metro Times.

Ewing uses allegories to question the human nature of attraction as a vehicle for social critique. He exploits faux materials and invents fake worlds in a quixotic attempt to neutralize the consequences of violence, transforming perversions and deformations into allegories of regenerative power. By using mythical animal hybrids as surrogates for our moral inadequacies, Ewing questions whether we might carry within us the power to harness our violent nature and use it to transform into better versions of ourselves.