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Loretta Markell

I was born in Detroit, Michigan and my first job as an artist was to draw a giant snowman for my second grade classroom wall. Ever since then I thought it would be great to be an artist. I earned my Master in Fine Arts in 2000. I am still learning and often take a class or workshop at the Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center where I enjoy contact with artists I admire.
I paint from my everyday life experiences and memories, often using my photos as reference material as well as to spark my imagination. I consider painting hard work that is play. While I play with the paint I imagine a different time or place, changing things as my imagination suggests. I do whatever it takes to make a painting that satisfies me. I usually start with a figure in a place. It can be a landscape or interior or something abstract, then it becomes a kind of conversation between that paint and me. When I have nothing more to add it’s done.

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