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Rachel Gluski


Rachel Gluski is currently attending the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) as a fine art student. She is now entering her fourth year in the painting/drawing program and will graduate in 2020 with her BFA. Her main focus is in oil painting and works on paper with an interest in writing and philosophy.

Artist Statement

What makes people so interesting is our endless fascination with other people. We are constantly looking for more information about how other people live. This comes in many forms: shows that we watch, gossip we spread, plays we reenact, news from around the world – anything we can connect to. All this is a way of processing ourselves, a way of trying to find connections to our own life experiences. I have always found myself best reflected in fantastical narratives. I look to show this in my paintings, a sense of the fantastical and a narrative that helps process real feelings. In my latest work I have been looking at armor and fictitious creatures to make this narrative.In them I explore themes of protection, safety, gender and adventure. All these themes I think about and more easily articulate on in the ambiguous forms of paint and mixed media paper works. Here in this form viewers are invited to find their own story’s in the art.