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Top Trends

As framers, we’re seeing some interesting design projects this year. Many clients give us a description of the room they’re trying to decorate, photos, color schemes, patterns, etc. We take all those elements and come up with the perfect design!

Here are a few ways to design framing based on current interior trends!

  1. Living in Nature

Changing up your living space, so that you feel like you are one with nature & allowing for an escape from the stresses of the city. Printed wall murals are a great way to punctuate the feeling of escape.

2. Not all clients know exactly what they want until they experience it. Elevating the experience of design for our clients where we invite them to explore all senses is definitely IN this year, and will be here to stay. We want our clients to truly ‘feel’ the design they love and yearn for when they come home after a long day’s work, which ultimately helps them decompress and truly enjoy being home that much more quickly. Hitting all the senses is the way to do this, and augmenting the design process to be experiential is how you get there.

 3. The Memphis movement is overtaking midcentury modern as the furnishing and color selection du jour. Primary colors and graphic shapes haven’t seen this much action since the eighties. But allowing the graphic nature of prints to be the primary statements of the room makes a large statement.