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Tristan Logan

When I sculpt I take a scene and a feeling and freeze them in time. Most of my sculptures are animals, but the real point is that they are living moving things, and that they feel like living moving things. Rather than trying to represent an animal as a model, I’m trying to capture the flow and feeling of a moment, each piece feeling as if it’s frozen in time, not simply in place.

The reason I sculpt this way starts with how I imagine things. While most people can see images in their head I can only imagine the physical feeling of something. I can’t picture a deer, but I can put myself in the body of one, imagining the weight of it, the tension of its muscles, making its body my body. With sculpture I found a way of using that feeling and putting it into solid form.

I primarily work in metals because they are simple and strong materials, made to build strong unyielding things, it takes strength and hard work to shape them and I feel that hard work is necessary to create my sculptures. Rather than thinking of a finished piece and trying to recreate it, I fill my mind with sensation and work the metal until it is an accurate reflection of those feelings, given physical form.