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Victor Lupo

I am self-taught in art, but trained in metalwork in the former Yugoslavia.  It wasn’t until I was in American and fifty years old that I decided to dedicate myself to making fine art.

I make welded steel sculptures. I chose steel, or perhaps it chose me, because I understand its special qualities. To me steel is hiding secrets, and my biggest challenge is to discover its potential form. I have to get to the point where the steel tries to speak to me to say what it wants to look like. I have a unique way of coloring steel by flame, which allows me to produce different colors depending on the background and lighting. My work is also inspired by the many things that surround me, from the past and present-  politics, nature, spatial concepts, and especially my childhood. 

I am a self taught artist, and was trained in welding and metal works in Yugoslavia, where I worked primarily in an architectural vein – building balconies, stair ways, fences, and the like. Over the past eighteen years my work has been published locally and internationally. In Romania and Serbia it was featured in the magazine Tibiscus, as well as the book Floare de Latinitate (Latin Flower). It has also been included in three Scarab Arts Annuals. My art has been shown at Winterglo sponsored by the Waldorf Schools as well as various galleries including Blue Heron Gallery in Elk Rapids.   I have also been accepted 4 times and shown my art in Art Prize in Grand Rapids for four different years.